Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paul said...

I've always felt that I was put here to be something much bigger than myself. Am I simply being vain in this notion, or is there truth to it? And if it be true, what is it you want me to do? How do I get on the path in which your plan should lead me?

Answer from God through David:

"I have called for everyone to try and do something that is bigger than themselves, but seldom do people recognize it. I am very proud of you for recognizing my calling for you. Meditate with me. Sit down in a place you're comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine yourself being filled with white and gold light. Then, you will begin to see visions of the specifics of what you are to do. I want you to go further than what might seem as comfortable in your calling. You know that poverty and homelessness are a growing problem. You are one of my people who will help combat this. Whether you simply spare some change when someone's in need, or you open up shelters, you will change lives. But mediate with me, and together, we'll get the ball rolling."

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