Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anonymous said...

I know I'm probably abusing the rules....but in response to your reply to mine back on September 23...nothing has happened - does this mean I have no faith...I've been trying...but I not seen any specific sign in which direction to go....thank youx

Answer from God through David:

"Between your free will and trying to make things that happened in your life be the sign I was sending you, you changed the course work I had set for you. This does not mean that you lack faith, but that you were so desperately seeking a sign, your mind overlooked the sign I gave you. Do not worry. I don't give up on any of my children, and since you are continually seeking my guidance, I have been nudging you in some of your decisions. What you need to do now is to make two plans. Map out every detail of what you would do if you were to stay where you are, and another map of what you would do if you moved. Every detail imaginable must be completed in each detailed map. In doing this, you will have a safe option in both plans, and within one week of completing these maps to the point in which you can plan no more, you will know what option is right for you. Continue to have faith, but don't over-think. It is your over-thinking that could cause you to lose your faith. Just remember that I am here, right beside you, holding your hand through everything."

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