Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
I thought when we moved here to Portland my life would be great. We are good, loving, caring, hard working, giving people. We help many people have excellent health in the alt. health care industry and environmental causes. Yet we are struggling so badly. Financially we are 1 step away from "going under" this puts a major strain and constant fighting in my dear marriage. It feels like everyone around us is prospering so easily. I pray, do energy work, am grateful, eat well,see things positively, give, love and serve. I have read every book, done every seminar, etc. I am worried that we will will loose everything. I don't want to loose my house and leave our neighborhood and school that the kids love dearly--it's their rock right now. I concerned about my marriage. I don't understand why we struggle so much--especially financially and it seems that we are so far in a hole that we might not make it out. We help others all day, but we are barely making it and are getting really sick and tired....literally. My question is will we make it here in our house and what specific steps so I need to take to transform my life to experience the greatness and sweetness that you want us to have and how long until there's a difference?

Thank you and I am listening!!!

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your family will be happy and loving no matter where you are. Change is natural and I ask that you will be open to it. This financial struggle is causing a weakening in your marriage and due to that weakening darkness can find a way in. Meditate and keep an open connection with your angels and me and peace will be restored to you. Continue to ask for help when needed, as I am always here for you. Remember to stay centered and grounded and do not get entwined in the material aspects of your life."

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