Friday, November 16, 2007

Anonymous said...

Question about my boyfriend.. I desire a monogomous long term relationship with him..(even marriage) he keeps me at arms length and is currently active on a singles website (this is where we met). when we met AND when we are together I sense a deep spiritual connection.. like we are soulmates.. he tells me he thinks about me alot and wants me in his life... but his actions don't match up.. I waiver between thinking he is just a 'player' or to just give this time. My ex-husband was very unfaithful to me and I have a hard time discerning men with good intentions vs players... Is he a player or should I just keep an open mind and open heart and wait?

Answer from God through Brian:

"The two of you are soul-mates however right now you are not spiritual equals. You are quite a bit farther on your spiritual path and for your relationship to work he will need to catch up. I have given every single person on the planet at least one perfect soul-mate. This soul-mate is a person with energy that matches up with your own to create a harmonious high vibration energy. If you do not feel that your current relationship is working, all you have to do is ask for your next perfect match."

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