Friday, November 16, 2007

Anonymous said...

Is there anything we can do about the earths global climate changes spiritually? If so... What????
Is there a specific meditation You want us to envision? Teach us!

Answer from God through Brian:

"Thank you for asking a question from a global perspective. To begin healing the planet I would like for you to practice this meditation. Find a quite and peaceful space where you can close your eyes and clear your mind. In this space I would like you to think of the one person, or the group of people that you love the most on this planet. Imagine this person and try to harness all of the love energy that you feel towards them into a ball of pink light in your spiritual hands. Allow this ball of energy to expand and grow in your hands and once you feel you have a strong connection with the energy and the Earth, imagine you are pushing this ball of love energy down into the core of the planet. As you are watching the energy reach the core, imagine that it is boiling and engulfs the entire Earth. Try to feel the love energy surround you and know that you are helping to heal the planet."

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