Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anonymous said...

I am an extremely spiritual person on a path that I believe is my Divine Path of healing the body and spirit. My journey led me to leave my nice little comfy home in Charlotte and move to New Orleans right before "the" storm. As I was meant to be here to help others through this devastation and still do.

This is what leads me to my dilemma. Many are led to me and I believe all is for a reason, be it for healing, teaching or both. My heart is filled with love and light with the thought that there is always good in everything somewhere. You may have to look hard sometimes, but it is there. To continue with my question, I was brought a woman who was asking for help as she was desperately seeking answers in her spiritual quest. After much discussion, she was very open with me about her vicious past. She was severely abused as a child and at 15 she was on her own turning to whatever way she could to survive. Her path took her to drugs and alcohol then to a strip club on Bourbon St to earn a living. During these years, she had 2 children who she did not know who the daddy was. She did not have the life skills to deal with this and kept up her same lifestyle partying all night long. One night she let a stranger come home with her. Now her story is that she has no recollection and her 12 year old son was murdered that night. She didn't do it, she was a victim. However, the case was a very public one and the evidence all pointed directly at her that she stabbed and crushed her son to death after he had a nightmare waking up at 3 am disturbing her party. Her daughter and the stranger both testified against her, they found that her shoes matched the imprints on the boys lifeless body. She was found guilty of manslaughter of her son and lost all rights to her daughter, serving 15 years in prison doing hard time.

She is now out on parole, is holding down a job and wanting my help. As one filled with love, I do not want to be another in the chain turning my back on her, but do not want to put myself in any danger either as the work that I do would have to take place in her apartment. My usual spiritual guidance seems to have turned off and I cannot get an answer as to whether I should or should not go help this woman. I have mixed emotions as I want to help her, but I am also in fear with the stigma of her being a convicted murderer of a child. Should I trust her and put my faith ahead of my fears and help this woman?

Answer from God through Brian:

"There is only so much growth a person can do in a single area of their life. You do have the ability and strength to help this woman, however I want you to be safe and happy while giving her guidance. For you to be both safe and healthy you need to find a way to help her in a space you feel at home. You are doing the right thing and you are centered on your path. If ever you feel you need strength or guidance, please ask."

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