Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anonymous said...

I am so frustrated with the situation with my ex-husband. He has a long history of lying and infidelity. His multiple infidelities was the reason I divorced him. We share custody of a young daughter. I am in process of having the support he pays recalculated because his income has doubled (and he hasn't reported that to the state). He lied on the paperwork about his monthly income - even is trying to get the support lowered to almost where he pays NOTHING - however the state is going to use actual earnings they have access to that he didn't disclose. I am living almost paycheck to paycheck. he is averaging over $20k a month and has been for 2 1/2 years.

I'm glad you've blessed him financially but it also seems like he's rewarded when he lies. AND his lies bring ALOT of hardship into my life (8 years of emotional hardship and now since the divorce financial hardship because of the household financial inequity)..

Why doesn't he change? And will you PLEASE bless the ecalculation in my favor and have it calculated on the $20k a month? I know he's going to fight the recalculation. You know I am so exhausted and carry alot of responsibility and you know the extra support would help me. THANK YOU for your guidance...

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your ex-husband hasn't changed yet because he has not made the decision that he wants to better himself. I have a strong and bright future planned for you and your daughter in which you will be much more financially stable. I will be keeping the energy of everyone involved with your recalculation clear to ensure the best possible outcome for all people involved. Do not be afraid in these times of change, I will be with you."

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