Sunday, December 9, 2007

Anonymous said...

God, there is so much negative energy in the world right now. Everywhere you look there is evil and hatred. It feels as if less and less people are believing in you. Are we currently at the start of the end of days? I honestly can no longer watch the news or read the news papers because it is a constant downer to see all the negativity.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Negativity is a strong force in the world right now, however there still is good and positive energy all around the planet. Do not dwell on the negative and instead, ask how you can help change it. If you go into a meditative state and imagine your body filling with pure positive white light you will clear your own energy from any negativity. Continue to practice this and with time you will be able to focus more energy on the planet and expand your clearings to a more global level. With enough people doing this the planet's energy will shift to a much more noticeable positive energy."

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