Friday, December 28, 2007

Anonymous said...

since childhood, i have felt drawn to motherhood. inside my heart, i know that i am to raise a child and sense that this would be life-changing and an important part of my being a human in this incarnation. i have dreamt about this girl-child and sense her presence peering down on me. my challenge is that i married a man who i have come to find out is not interested in having a child. i have a sense that i may need to re-consider my relationship for the higher purpose of bringing a new soul into being and that i may likely need to move on from this marriage to connect with a life partner who shares the same dream and life purpose. i would greatly appreciate your wisdom and guidance. namaste'

Answer from God through Brian:

"You are correct in thinking that you are meant to have this child. She will teach you more than you can ever imagine and with your child you will become whole. The father of your child is not terribly important because her soul is already attached to you and she will stay with you. I will let you know when the timing is right and all you have to do is stay connected with me and remain centered on your path. Make sure that you meditate and fill yourself with positive energy to ensure that you do not get mislead by negativity."

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