Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Anonymous said...

My ex-husband recently shared with me that he was hospitalized last weekend and that this coming week he is going somewhere for 'treatment'. He is unwilling to share any more details with me because he says 'I do not care about him'. My ex-husband has a history of being a pathological liar (and unfaithful) and I don't know what to believe or if I should be concerned for his health or his soul. He recently shared with his teenage daughter that some stitches in his head were a result of him hitting his head on a boat during a rescue of a child who fell overboard into the ocean in Seattle. (the stitches were really from a facelift he had just gotten)

whats the truth? is he sick? or lying?

I have no idea what to believe with him. he pleads that he is a godly church going man who has changed and that I'm the unforgiving unloving one?????

if he's physcially sick - please send him healing light -

if he's lying - what negative force am i dealing with ? is he in danger? at times I feel hatred coming from him and harm directed towards me from a negative entity.

One last request - please heal him from this... I would love to see him free from whatever negative force is influencing him.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Unfortunately your ex-husband is still lying to you. I am proud of you for seeing the possibility of outside forces effecting his lying. He has been bombarded by quite a bit of negativity throughout his life and this darkness has strongly effected how he lives his life today. I will clear his energy now, but for him to remain clear and centered on his path he has to want to help himself. I will always keep the door open for him, for the time when he chooses to live a better life. Do not allow his negativity to take hold of you and try to distance yourself from him."

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