Monday, December 24, 2007

Anonymous said...

You said my soul mate is 'on her way.' I am a woman, and consider myself straight. Does this mean you see me with a woman??
Thank you for taking care of Lisa C. She is precious.

Answer from God through Brian and David:

"First and foremost, 'soul mate' does not necessarily mean life partner. Whether this person is a man or a woman does not matter because a 'soul mate' is a perfect counterpart to your soul. When I told you that a soul mate is on her way, I was not mislead in who you are. One of your potential soul mates is a female who is on her way. This woman will become one of your closest and dearest friends. She will be someone with whom you can share everything, and who will share her life with you as well. All you have to do is allow her to come to you. In doing this, you will see how you both match."

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