Monday, December 31, 2007

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I realize that I will always be connected to my daughters father (ex-husband) because of our marriage and because of her. But I am finding that there is an unnatural connection to him that is preventing me from moving on. Our lives have taken 2 separate paths as far as spirituality and living in the light so being with him is no longer an option. But I feel like I am in limbo - I can't go back to our marriage/relationship and yet I am not moving forward and opening myself up to new relationships - not even friendships. It's as if my heart has been closed for the past 2+ years and I do not want it to be .. this is a very lonely painful time for me. I seem to be sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone (including my ex-husband) build happy lives. I think about him and his new girlfriend way too much. What is the unnatural connection or unhealthy thought pattern if it is there? And please 'disconnect' me from it so I can move on into my new beginnings.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You still have some negativity attached to you from your split and it is what has been causing these thoughts along with keeping you distanced from everyone you come in contact with. I am going to remove this darkness now, but it is very important that you do not over think this connection because you can bring back this negative energy and then some. Trust in me and focus on moving forward, leaving all the negative feelings behind. I will protect you and I will also be sending you new connections who will become great friends of yours. All you have to do is allow."

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