Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear Loving God - please bless a reconsiliation between me and my ex-husband. Instead of fighting and working on our marriage I filed for divorce (he was unfaithful when our daughter was 4 months old). I deeply regret not trying counseling and working things out. I initiated and allowed the divorce and continued the hostility between us until a few months ago. I deeply regret it , but he's moved on... and now I so wish for ONE more chance. I believe he is my twin soul. You've worked miracles with my heart for openess, healing and forgiveness.
I was just so devastated that he had an affair when our daughter was 4 months old. however.. she is 4 now... and I just want ONE more try with David, the father of my daughter, before moving on and before he remarries. If it is your will...Please allow him to re-open a loving space for me and our marriage to happen before it's too late and he's re-married. I truly wish him all the happiness in the world, but I want to see if that can be with me and our daughter if it be Your will. My heart is open to your Word and direction

Answer from God through David:

"I have opened a window for you and David to reconcile, but it must be his free will that chooses to reconcile. As I have opened this window, you must know that while he is a good match, he is not your soul mate. Your soul mate is still out there, but first you must learn to love yourself. Before I allow you to meet your match, you must have the confidence to be able to live with just your daughter, and be happy. I will continue to give you my light and bless your life. I thank you for having such tremendous love for him in your heart. If he sees your love for him, David will be more likely to consider reconciling. But you must remember, that even if David doesn't choose to continue your marriage, you must allow him to be part of your daughter's life, and for you to continue to love him. That doesn't mean to remain in love with him, but to love him just as I love all. Continue to seek me, no matter where you are in life. I will be guiding you."

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