Thursday, January 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

want to know why I am always so unhappy. I don't seem to find my self staying happy. I feel as if everything bothers me, I get annoyed easily. I feel that I need to be heard all of the time. My husband says I have negative spirits in side me. Gary Spivey said something similar. (I am sure you know who Gary is so I don't need to tell you about him) I want to be a happy person, a happy wife, mother, and friend. I don't know how to be more outgoing, less of a grouch over everything. I sometimes contribute my unhappy energy to stress, my childhood, bills, and money, all of the stressful things in life. It does not help that my family is currently in a situation in which I partly feel to blame. I don't want to get into details of my related stresses; I just hope that I don't loose what I currently somewhat have.

Can you help me be happier, less irritable, and a better/outgoing mother. I need to know how to be a Great mom to my 15 month old, and the one on the way. As well as a more outgoing wife; with less nagging (I am sure my husband sometimes wishes he had probably never met me or married me). I don't want to pass this bad example/atmosphere to my children as they get older.


Your unhappy nagging child

Answer from God through Brian:

"Yes, it is true that you have negative energy that is pent up in your spiritual body causing your mood and entire demeanor to change for the worse however, your own thinking happens to be one of the causes of the amplified power this darkness has. In order for the energy of your family to be restored to a happy, peaceful and loving one, you have to let go of the darkness that has taken your body hostage. In meditation ask your angels to clear you of all negative energies and once you are clear, it is your job to make sure you stay that way. Do not over think the situation that you are going through right now because I am taking care of you and your family and you have nothing to worry about.

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