Thursday, January 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

My sister and her family have seen lights and things move. Recently my niece says she saw her toy move by itself.Who is doing this?
Also when my sister was younger she says a dark shadow with red eyes appeared at night and scared her. Why did that happen to her?

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your sister has been able to tap into her natural spiritual gifts for quite some time now and these same gifts have been opened to her entire family. The dark figure with red eyes was a demon that was trying to fill her with its negative energy and even though she was frightened, she had enough protective energy with her and around her to clear the demon from the home. To help your niece understand and develop these gifts, it is important that the family meditates together. This will help you all to grow spiritually and will also keep many of the potential road blocks on your path, away. You have nothing to worry about, I will take care of you all."

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