Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

I have been feeling extremely stuck in a few aspects of my life and feel it is blocking my creativity and the ability to find my deepest desire in life. One of the most pressing issues has to do with a former business partner and our inability to resolve our differences. I was wondering if you have any feeling on how I should proceed. I am taking steps in creating a new business but feel unable to clearly move forward without this resolution. I have always felt this issue has been a spiritual on between she and I. I care very much for her but our stubbornness is not allowing the necessary change to occur. Do you have any feelings on this? I would appreciate very much some light being shed and to feel that we each can move forward with the least amount of friction.

Answer from God through Brian:

"For any real headway to be made you both need to forgive each other. You have the ability to be friends again, but you need to get to the real issues and stop sending negativity back and forth. An immediate change you can make is to realize that you both made mistakes and you both have equal parts in making things right again. You cannot change the free will of others but you can lead by example and show her that you are willing to take a step towards a positive future."

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