Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anonymous said...

Thank you god for the life that I have, my family, my friends, the business opportunity you have given me.

Two things weigh on my mind all the time and I would like your guidance.
1. I would like to help abused and neglected children one way or another. Can you help me choose a direction? The problem seems are so overwhelming and I would like to do something to help. Every time I see a child that looks like they need help I’m sad and I pray. It weighs heavy on my hart and mind.
2. My business partner, I would like to see him leave to the business as so as possible. He thinks I’m worthless in the business that I founded, and as told me so. Do you see him leaving the business soon?

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have a great energy about you that will benefit many children and I will show you where you are to go to best help them. As for your business partner, you have the ability to influence him to change the way he thinks of you. He has some negative energy around him that does not mix with your energy. This is causing the majority of the friction you are feeling and I will remove this negativity now. Try to focus some of your positive energy on him and you will see a difference."

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