Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anonymous said...

I'm at a confusing point in my life. I keep having dreams that I should quit my job because better things are going to happen. I'm unhappy at work. It has gotten to the point that I just don't feel like waking up in the morning. Well, today my boyfriend quit his job as a truckdriver. He told me that he just couldn't handle the pressure anymore. Well, other parts of my dream consist of us getting married and having our own business together. I don't know if God is trying to tell me something in my dreams. Truthfully, I can't afford to quit my job. Neither could my boyfriend, but apparently he did! Well, what I'm trying to ask is, "Should I quit my job and listen to my dreams even though I can't afford to quit?"

Answer from God through David:

"You should not quit...yet. Ending a job without a plan for the future would make you feel miserable. What you and your boyfriend need to do is to use your free-time to jump start your business plans. Since he is not currently working, he'll have much more time than you will to work on this, but as you begin, you'll find it very easy to make steady progress towards your dream of being a business owner. Once you two are making advances on your business, you'll know exactly when you should leave your job."

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