Friday, February 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

My son Nick has been spinning outof controll with drug use for several years. He is 21 and as of a few months ago he has graduated to injecting meth user. Nick has lost a car an apartment friends weight, health, reason and this is a short list. Nick has taken money and valuables from my home to support his habit. Please tell me what God wants me to do to help my son my family and myself. I truely feel I have died a thousand times through all of this I feel desperate for help. Please respond

Answer from God through Brian:

"I am sorry your son has put you through this. He has been attacked by quite a bit of negative energy that is keeping him off of his spiritual path and causing his addiction to thrive. I have removed this negativity and I will continue to take care of him but the only way to make this fix permanent is if he asks for help and decides he wants to change."

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