Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hearing God is a wonderful thing. Most people can, but don't know how and block their own ability. Thank you for drawing attention to this ability by demonstrating it through Brian. My question involves a friend. She has an extremely debilitating form of interstitial cystitis caused by a medical mistake. It causes her terrible pelvic pain 24/7. She has been told it is incurable and her bladder will never recover. The pain is comparable to end stage cancer. She has been on very strong pain medications, but all of them lose their efficacy within weeks. She thinks of ending her life to end the pain. I encourage her not to give up, to visualize herself healthy, to explore her connection to God, to go inside to hear His voice. But I think she fears it as she was raised to believe God would send her to hell for any infraction. Why is she being made to suffer so? Am I doing the right thing by encouraging her to keep on trying? Can you lessen her suffering so that she can at least eat and sleep again? I don't know how to ask about her in just one question, sorry."

Answer from God through Brian:

"You are absolutely doing the right thing by encouraging her. Thank you for asking for help. I am giving her a new spiritual bladder that will lessen the swelling, in turn lessening the pain. She needs to realize that she has the ability to heal herself and all she has to do is ask her angels for help. I will keep my hand over both of you to make sure that you remain on your path and that you remain strong."

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