Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

I have been praying to god every night,and I have asked for strentgh and forgiveness of times that I have been weak...I feel that GOD has helped me thru many thing's in my life and I too wish that I could hear God speaking to me..not just to my heart but actually so that I can hear his voice...You have been truley blessed with this gift..Please ask God what he would like me to know,his message for me. Thank you -T

Answer from God through Brian:

"Everyone on the planet has the ability to speak with me and receive messages. I have given different gifts to different people because I would like you all to collaborate and work on healing and guiding each other. As for your unique spiritual gifts, I would like you to work on meditating with calm and peaceful energy. You will start small and over time I will be working with you to give you the ability to spread peace all around the planet."

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