Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Anonymous said...

This past weekend, I participated in a fund raiser called 30 hour famine. (but you already knew that huh? ^_^)
During the worship service, I felt truly alive for the first time in months. like you were their with me telling me that I was forgiven. we were split up into groups based upon how we feel we need to grow more in god. I was in a very large group of people who felt that they are being called to work for you.
As the one who is always called upon by friends and family for blunt, honest advice, I felt that I could use this to help other people when I get older. Is this truly wht you're calling me to do?

Answer from God through Brian:

"This is an option you can choose later in life however for now I would like you to work on strengthening your relationships, taking care to find which relationships are healthy and raise your vibration and those that do not. You are coming into some big changes in your life and this will help you prepare."

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