Friday, February 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank God for carrying me through difficult physical challenges. I have been afficted with a dibilatating disease since age 6. I have had to suffer through over 20 surgeries and other medical issues. As I get older, my health and mobility are affected horribly. I feel like a spider that is getting all its limbs pulled off and before long I will be just a body. The worst part of this life challenge is the pain. They say everyting happens for a reason. I would like to ask if I will be healed and if the painand other physical issues will be resolved. Please tell me many challenges for one person. I feel like I cannot handle any more bad news or additional pain or surgeries. Thank you. anonymous

Answer from God through Brian:

"I am sorry you have suffered so much. Over the last year I have been preparing your spiritual body for healing. Your spine has some negative energy that has manifested as black spikes, stabbing and ripping your muscles. I am now removing this negative energy and filling the old wounds with pure healing energy. There is also some negativity that has taken the form of shackles on all of limbs that I am removing as well. Now that your energy is restored to its original state of clear high vibration energy you will notice a turn for the better with all of your health problems. To ensure that these ailments do not return, it is important that you begin meditating to clear your energy and remain centered on your path."

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