Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

Every day is really not a happy one for me.I work hard and struggle to live and do my best. I raise my son by myself and I pray to God he will make something good of himself. He is a great person and but I think his girlfriend his holding him back, Not good for him. But God knows that answer. I want his life easy and better then mine. Will that happen? Sometimes I think God is not making my life easy and happy because I got a divorce when my son was very little. When you take the oath of marriage you live by it no matter what.I broke his laws. A lot of things are missing in my life and even more now since my only child is gone. Life is not a happy ever after. Just work, wait on people and get nonthing in return. always poor and lonely WHY? I always ask God, my angles and everything thing else for help But I do not see a sign. Why is my life like this.WHEN is it going to be a happy one. Will I fined the right soulmate? I was told there is a reason why my life is like this and only God knows. If I was a bad person I could see why but I don't think I am. I would like to know what my purpose is and when will my dreams ever come true. Almost 20 years of hoping. Old and lonely. Judy.

Answer from God through David:

""Your son has the ability to make his life a great one, but he has to want to make it a great life. Whether it be his girlfriend or other relationships, he has to recognize what is holding him back in life in a spiritual sense. I want the both of you to learn to meditate. If you are both willing to do so, you will find many positive things happening in your lives. Meditation is simply spending time with me and surrounding yourself in my light. But your son cannot be taught much more, and you will have to let go at some point and recognize that you have done all you can.
While I would like for a married couple to remain together, it is not always the best idea to do so. Do not think that I am punishing you for your divorce. It is what needed to be done. In order to not feel poor and lonely, you must do what brings you joy. Don't allow yourself to just go through the motions, but instead give yourself time to do something that you enjoy. Once you make time for yourself to do whatever you want, you will not feel so sad or lonely.
You have some negative energy surrounding you, and if you simply imagine yourself submerged in white and gold light, it will help keep the negative energy from returning to you. But whenever you notice yourself feeling sad, you need to imagine yourself in the light. If you are proactive towards being happier, you will find it much easier to be happy.
I have a potential soul mate out there for you, but you must work on yourself before you will be ready to care and love for another person.
In order to find your purpose, you need to make the first step towards choosing to do something that will make you happy. Once you make an effort towards what will make you happy, you will find what your purpose is. But until you make the effort, you cannot see what your purpose is."

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