Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear, God
I come before thee, humbly grateful, for all your blessings you have bestowed upon my family. As your child I have shared your greatest gift with my children and whoever I may come into contact with. I have prayed and prayed and never quite knew how to ask this question. So I’m going to ask it now. Remember the day in 2003, when our family received the phone call that my young son's father was in the hospital and not expected to make it. We as a family all gathered around him trying to consul him. And sissy says to him Travis I’m so sorry bubby, if I could take your place I would. Then three weeks later we received yet another phone call, telling us that her daddy has passed away also. This particular moment somehow changed our lives forever, what was your real meaning; depth is beyond my comprehension. The only thing I do know is that you were carrying me. WHY WHY

Answer from God through Brian:

"It was simply their time to leave. By this happening it brought your family closer together and opened many opportunities for you all to help more people. Keep your eyes open in the next few months. I will be sending you some relief."

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