Thursday, February 7, 2008

Anonymous said...

alright my really good friend has informed me of you i am not entirely sure of this but ill ask anyways. i have spent the past two years in a relationship with a girl i love yes i have gotten scared and feel that i have messed up in the relationship now she is pregnant and the kid could or could not be mine we are not talking and i am dead to her i still feel that i may love her and would do anything for her at any time should i just leave all alone or wait i have no problem with waiting for her and realize now that i should have commited

Answer from God through Brian:

"Although you could have made better decisions, I will continue to take care of you both. I have plans for you that will allow you to experience much more in this life and if you desire to, you will have the ability to make things right. Try not to dwell on the past and rather focus on making better decisions in the future."

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