Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

dear god,
who carved my name in the kitchen chair? It looked like they were angry when they did it. if so why? I know that that this is breaking the rule of only one question, but I figure that it's all about the same topic so... my last thing that I wanted to ask is if it was an angry force who did it, are my angels protecting me? because ever since this happened, weird stuff has been happening.
p.s.-if it is possible to tell me, who are my angels?
thank you and namiste

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your angels are always with you to protect you and give you guidance. If you ever feel that you need extra protection, all you have to do is say 'Angels help' and they will be with you. As for the chair, there was the spirit of a little boy from one of your past lives who was trying to get your attention. He was not angry but there was some negativity around him when this happened. Do not be afraid of this because the intention was for you to ask this question, to help you get on your path. If you would like to better understand your angels, the spirits that walk with you, and me you need to begin meditating."

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