Friday, February 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

My father was recently diagnosed with spinal stenosis or Degenerative Joint Disease in the spine. He was scheduled for surgery earlier this month & decided not to go through with it. God, If it is your will to have this surgery done when is the best time & will he recovery fully?

I am currently in a serious relationship & am struggling to hang on because he is not a Christian. Should I wait & continue to pray or move on because I know that you have someone else in store for me?

Also, I am graduating soon. God, please give me the strength, knowledge & help to pass my licensure examination on the first try. Post graduation, should I stay on the same floor I work on now?

Answer from God through David:

"Your father needs the surgery that he declined to have. He needs to have it done within the next six months. He'll have a near-complete recovery, but he will be much healthier than he is now. As for your relationship, it should not matter if he follows the same religious practices as you, but having belief in me is very important. If he doesn't believe in my existence, and that continues to bother you, I will bring you someone new who you will connect with just as well as you have with your current partner. I will help you study to the best of your abilities by keeping darkness away from you, but I cannot help you answer questions. And after you graduate, do whatever you think would make you the happiest."

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