Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

How can I know what path in life I should take? I ask god for guidance with regards to what career I should pursue but remain confused. I have an interest in just about everything, and many talents, but have been struggling to figure out how and where I should apply them. To figure out what would be the most rewarding ventures both for society and for myself (not in terms of money, but the fullfillment of creating and contributing).
I'm particularly attracted to the arts, but it almost seems selfish to pursue something so nonmaterial when I could be pursuing the development of science or social work.

I'm the type that cannot move forward without a plan and direction, and no amount of research or thinking has revealed the answer to this question to me after many years.
I've been stuck, spinning my wheels, unable to commit to a course of action with school or work because I don't know what I should do. I want to do too many things equally and cannot do them all.

And if I could, there's one other thing that has been driving me crazy for a year: I have a person in mind that I'm convinced I must have a special spirtual connection with, if not a soul mate then perhaps a kindred spirit, but I've never even personally met her. So objectively it's crazy to continue thinking this way for so long. Is this a simple illogical obession I should discard, or is there something more to this I should pursue?
Thinking on this I've realized part of what attracts me to her is the sense that she could better help me understand myself, and relate to me in a way others couldn't.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Stop over thinking. Slow down and allow me to work with you. You are correct in thinking that you have many skills that you can apply to a career but I will not tell you what to choose. I would like you to find something that brings you passion and I will make it something great for you. I have brought this woman into your life because you can learn quite a bit from her. She is one of your soul mates and when you feel you are ready, I would like you to actually meet."

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