Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear Brian and David,
Thank you for sharing your gift!
I have this gift as well,but not nearly as strong. I have a hard time 'hearing' Gods answers for myself.
I feel a big change coming-I really want to help people and the world.
What direction should I go now?
Or how am I to serve?
Thank you-Peace-Namaste
Tell God I'm sorry for getting mad at him sometimes......

Answer from God through Brian:

"Don't worry about getting mad sometimes *smiles* it’s a human thing. I would like you to help others by giving them the guidance that you receive from your angels or me. To improve your spiritual hearing, all you have to do is mediate and focus a salmon colored energy in your ears. This is a healing love energy that will help you grow much faster in the spiritual world."

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