Friday, February 15, 2008

Anonymous said...

I have apologized to my son and his wife for negative comments due to their hurtful treatment of me for many years and I felt compelled to assert myself and refuse to be treated without respect - but they still hold the grandchildren apart from me and even refuse to allow me to give them their Christmas presents - my main "happy" is GIVING - I expect nothing back but my heart is heavy with the cruelty of their controlling manipulation. I pray and I wait and I hope. Can you help soften my son's heart and help heal this painful breach? I am 78 and life is simply too precious and too short to be so filled with hateful negativity...thank you God for my many blessings - even though my other three sons are also alienated. I probably am too honest and many are uncomfortable with that - I am also very open and gullible, I guess but I am also very psychic and sense the power of my guardian angels and spirit guides every day. I have experienced many of your miracles which continue to increase my faith in your Power and your Love. Please help me reunite with my sons before I leave here. Amen.

Answer from God through David:

"Unfortunately, I cannot soften your son's heart. It is his free will to act as he does, and it is his decision, and his decision alone, to keep his children away from you. You can continue to send light to the situation, but the change must ultimately come from him wanting a change to occur."

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