Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God, I prayed and prayed but I think I'm not praying the way you want me so I think I'm not getting any answer from you. Please respond to me at least through this project. My questions are, will these negative happenings in my life ever end? I've been suffering my whole life cause I don't have the required documents to live and attend education and pay off my debts and I've also prayed for a soul-mate but seems like I can't get one (I would love to be blessed with children of my own). Is my mother also with You? Do I have any angels and how do I request their help. Please help me GOD, remove all the negative forces from me and respond to me.
Thank You

Answer from God through Brian:

"I will clear you of negativity any time you ask but the key is that you have to ask. I will send your soul mate to you when the time is right but there are other things I am currently lining up for you that need to happen first. You have one angel who is always with you and your mother is here in Heaven. If you ever feel that you need help, simply call on her, your angel or me and we will be there."

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