Monday, February 18, 2008

Anonymous said...

Most Precious Lord, please hear me.
I keep running out of patience, hoping my son and daughter-in-law will cease keeping my grandchildren from me and adding more and more resentment and vindictive hatred to their feelings toward me, as well as turning other family members against me not to mention my grandchildren. They have even refused to allow me to give them their Christmas presents or contact them in any way - discarding or giving away anything I send as my effort to make amends. It is the ancient struggle between mother-in-law and son's threatened and insecure wife and it is most harmful for the children, 10 and 13, who I miss like I had lost an arm. I pray and I await a change of heart (that won't happen, she enjoys her controlling power), and I try to keep busy but I'm asking for help for the children's sake! I want nothing from them but I want to hug my grandchildren and see their faces again. Can this be healed? Amen.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Free will is a powerful gift that needs to be treated with great responsibility. Unfortunately your son and daughter-in-law are not considering everyone involved in this situation, mostly their children. There is nothing I can directly do to make them change the way they feel toward you, however I am working to open their eyes more with hope that they will both be able to forgive you. Until this happens, I would like you to meditate and send your son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren all the love energy that you can. This will help the children feel as if you are close and it will aid in the opening of their parents' eyes."

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