Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear Loving and Healing God,
As you know my daughter,C, has been suffering from severe migraines since she was 3 years old. Now seizures have started and she has been diagnosed as epilectic. You blest her with a wonderful loving husband, blest her 2 more times with healthy beautiful children. Her incapacitating headaches have affected every aspect of her life; being a wife, mother and full time employee. She has been on all sorts of meds, taken numerous tests, MRI's, scans, acpuncture, diet changes, seen several specialists, prayed and prayed...and still they continue. Is she being punished for some immature choices she made in her youth? Is there a cause, such as tumor or mass that is causing all of this we have not found yet? Will she ever be a normal healthy young woman able to care for her family? She is afraid you will take her early away from her children. Will you please take this debilitating ailment from her?
I pray, my family and friends pray, we have prayer chains in effect for her....and still the incapacitating pain and nauseousness persists. My heart breaks for her and her there anything more I can do for her?
Thank you for blessing me with her.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your prayers have been heard and my angels and I have been lessening the intensity of her pain. A small amount of her pain is caused by a physical problem in her brain however we are still working towards removing it. The majority of your daughter's pain comes from a mass amount of negative energy that has built up over her life needs to be cleared. She needs to release this energy and allow me to clear her and when she does; the pain and the nausea will be gone. To keep this sort of attack from ever happening again, it is important that your whole family begins to meditate together. You do not need to worry anymore, I am with her."

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