Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

I have met the the woman of my dreams, although we always seem to have impossible impasses, keeping us from getting together as a couple for life.
Everything went well to begin with when we met, but then soon after many bad things have happend to her, and some to me. Her parents died shortly after we met, and she has had many annoying health problems that are making her very unhappy, that doctors can not seem to figure out. I have had bad job situations and seem to always be in a rut.
I have stuck by her all this time, giving her as much support as I can, and will continue to do so. What I want most of all, is to ask god, can you remove these road blocks from our lives, these illnesses and hardships, so that we can move on and be happy again? We are not unhappy with each other, just that it seems we are being attacked by bad circumstances. Please break the cycle soon, thank you much.

Answer from God through Brian:

"There have been some negative attacks on both of you and it is causing stain between the two of you. I will remove all of the negativity that has been surrounding you and the only way this will stay away is if you both meditate together and focus positive energy all around yourselves. I have brought you together because you have great potential together however you need to keep your energies clear."

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