Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

I asked my husband to leave our home because he told me he has feelings for his co-worker. At this point I believe these feelings are now a full blown out affair, he left on Nov. 4th 07, that same day I went to court and filed for a divorce – by accident I wanted to file for a separation to protect myself and the children. These past few months have been the most painful of my life. You have blessed us with 3 beautiful boys that I thought I would never have, you provide us these beautiful children thru adoption.

I filed for the divorce but I backed off trying to reconcile our marriage, In December he served me with papers for temporary custody and the house, the judge gave me temporary custody and the house, he now has to pay child support and the mortgage. He got even madder and now he only communicates with me, via e-mail regarding the children, he will not answer any of my personnel e-mails regarding the 2 of us going to counseling or working towards some sort of solutions to work on our marriage. Yesterday we were at a doctor’s appt, for our son, he refused to allow our son to attend counseling so we had to back off, till he agreed to allow Jayson to go to counseling in the waiting room, he proceeded to tell me how he HATES me, I kept my cool, and said ok; just sign over the house, the kids and within a year I will be back in Maryland with my family. He just got up and walk away, told me I was bluffing. I do not want to hold him against his will, nor be married to someone who hates me. I don’t want a divorce, to leave the legacy of divorce to my children, I want so badly to work this out, whatever it takes, What God has put together I always felt no man or WOMAN should tear apart… why is this happening and what is your plans for this – thank you for giving Brian this wonderful gift so can help others.

Answer from God through Brian:

"I know that you are having a very difficult time with this situation but I want you to know it is for the better. You and your children will be much happier this way and I will take care of you all along the way. I will also protect your husband and work on keeping him on his path. Remember that I am with you at all times and if you ever feel you need extra guidance or protection, call on me and I will be there."

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