Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

I am a 60 year old man with no strong spiritual "linage" or real spiritual practice, other than an open heart and a deep yearning for god, spontaniously experiencing moments of non-dual beingness and to my shock and deep gratitude, moments of feels like perfect knowledge. I can't begin to put words to it or explain it, but even though it's non-abiding, at least to the degree I yearn for, it "is" changing my daily experience and understanding of life! I am "deeply" touched by it but when I "grasp" for it it retreats. The most I can seem to do is to stay grateful and "open", and to "sigh" thank God for these precious moments!
Is there more I should be doing? I experience no angels or guides - If I had to put a label on it - it would seem to fall more into the realm of Advaite, or non-duality, which would have frightened me when I was younger - but there's an "of course-ness" to it that feels like "Spiritual home"!
Thank you!

Answer from God through Brian:

"To experience this feeling more often all you have to do is ask and then wait for them to come to you. There is no need to classify or label these being who are coming to you. Simply remain open and wait for them."

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