Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hi. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to provide others with access to your gifts through this site.

My question is really more about guidance. I have battled substance abuse most of my life. I had a profound spiritual experience over 10 years ago which has left me no doubt in a higher power in this universe, which I like to call god. It led me to angel work, meditation retreats, etc., and feeling a real sense of connectiveness (not to mention freedom from addiction). But as the universe started to unfold it's blessings on me...I got away from the work, prayer, and momentum I had built. Then I became quite ill with addiction again. In a more intense and darker form.

Now, as I am trying to rebuild a home, career, and heal my soul. I struggle with shame, fear, and with faith. I am 'the bewildered one', one who has had deep faith and lost it. I guess I just need to know if god and his angels are listening. That prosperity and peace will be in my future.

If god was to speak to me...what would he say?

Answer from God through David:

"When everything seems to be working well for you, it is very easy to slip away. But the one thing you should never forget, is that you are human. Everyone is subject to struggle with one thing or another throughout their lives. But by turning to me, you are seeking a change in your life. I am listening to you, as are your many angels. If you ever feel alone, simply whisper out my name and I will be there, as will all of your angels. You should get back into meditation, though. If you are able to meditate on a consistent basis, you will be closer to me than ever, and you will find it much easier to keep away from drugs."

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