Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Anonymous said...

I want to move away to Europe to follow my dreams of love and career. However, I worry that I will upset my parents in doing so, as they will find me irresponsibleand possibly refuse contact with me for some time. I'm scared and don't want to throw away everything I have worked so hard to achieve here, but I know my heart wants to be in England and I am not getting any younger. Will I ruin my life by making this move, or will I be doing the right thing? A psychic told me that I have angels watching over me and good luck, so I hope that things will be for the best. Please advise?

Answer from God through Brian:

"You will not ruin your life or anyone else's by moving to England. How you use your time and the energy that you put out will directly effect your impact on the planet but you have complete control over this. Your angels and I will be with you no matter what you do and one of the options I have set up for you is to go to England. You will be happy and successful there and all you have to is meditate to remain connected. So make the decision of what you would like to do and I will be right there with you."

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