Friday, February 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hi God. I don't know why my heart is pounding as I am writing this. I am praying every day to be happy with myself, but it is very hard to do. I am worrying about everything that around me. I feel like I am a failure for God and I am not doing what I suppose to do for you. I don't enjoy my work, but I have to go to work every day to support my family. I am really praying that I want to find a job that I will really enjoy and be happy. Please listen to me God and help me.

Answer from God through David:

"First and foremost, you are not a failure. You are perfect, just as you are. You don't need to worry about many of the things that you worry about. Whenever you find yourself in this thought pattern, simply find a quiet room, and ask for my light and guidance. This is a form of meditation, and if you are willing to do this, you will find yourself much closer to me and you will be much happier. I will assist you in finding a job that you will be happy performing the duties of, but you must continue to actively search for a job. Once it is presented, you will know that it is your perfect job. Until then, continue to ask for my assistance whenever you need me."

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