Monday, February 18, 2008

Anonymous said...

Please please please answer me. I am confused and overwhelmed. I have a job that is unhealthy emotionally, when can I leave and what am I suppose to be doing? I am told I am a healer and have phychic abilities, do I? Is my heart and health ok? Is it stress and when will I meed that love of my life as I have shut off that part of me for a while now and I so miss what could be. Would selling my home help move me along and when and where as I just feel like I am juggling too much. PLEASE help and guide me.

Answer from God through David:

"You are a healer, but you have yet to even scratch the surface of your abilities. You need to meditate and ask me and your angels for help in your spiritual development each and every day. In doing so, you'll begin seeing in the spiritual dimension and you will be able to see what you need to heal in others. You are healthy, but the amount of stress in your life is taking a toll on your body. You need to find time throughout the week to be still and work on your energy. Meditation will greatly help you in this. Before your soul mate will come into come into your life, you have to learn to love yourself wholeheartedly. What makes a relationship work well is when both parties are happy with who they are as individuals. Once you reach that extreme level of joy, you will be ready to love another person.

You are picking up on the negative energy that is attached to your job. You can leave at any time, but it would be healthy for you to have another job lined up before leaving. While financial stability isn't an issue in heaven, it is on Earth. Quitting a job without a Plan B is not wise. Selling your house is not the answer either. You are feeling as though you are juggling too much because of the chaos in your life. If you meditate, allow yourself to work on your energy, and if you're proactive in finding a new job, you will see your life change immensely."

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