Monday, February 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hello God
I am in the process of changing the structure of my life so I can live my passion, be happy, and accomplish certain things before my life is over: making art, writing, studying music, gardening, gilding, sewing, enjoying my pets, traveling around the Olympic Penninsula and having a job I am finally comfortable with.

After several years of working toward this goal and overcoming many, many obstacles, all of this is coming together; the last remaining tie to my old life is my Seattle house, which is for sale.

If the house sells quickly, all is good with the world. If the house does not sell quickly, I will experience financial disaster. I have faced many challenges throughout my life, but problems have always worked themselves out in the nick of time. Thank you.

This time I have never had so much on the line; this time I have never had so much to lose. Will I make it in the nick of time this time?

Even if I end up experiencing financial disaster, I know the important things are not our physical possessions, but I was counting on the house sale money to finance the next phase of my life.

In my twenties I was extremely lonely and unhappy; I was very close to suicide. Angels came to me and told me to hang on for the second half of my life; I would be happy and have everything I ever wanted in the second half of my life, including playing the fiddle and banjo on stage. At the time, this seemed laughable, but I said "Alright, we'll see what happens." and hung on. This was not the first time Angels have spoken to me, nor would it be the last.

Years and years later I was less lonely and less unhappy, but still not satisfied with my life. I set out to live my life with more meaning, saw an ad for fiddle lessons and thought that sounded like the right thing to do.

One of my fellow fiddle students also played the banjo; he agreed to give me banjo lessons.

I am still a student musician, but have played both instruments on stage numerous times. I was hoping to be a more accommplished musician by now, but hopefully still have time for this before I die.

Several years into my fiddle and banjo lessons it occurred to me that the Angels prophecy had come true; I was 40 when I started taking fiddle lessons.

During my Angel conversation, I had thought briefly about what would make me happy; what would the second half of my life be? At the time, my life was uncertain; I had no clue what I was going to do with myself, how I would make money, or what was to become of me. My mother decided to quit her job as my mother, as she put it, and had ordered me out of her house right before I graduated High School, expecting me to suddenly know how to completely support myself. i struggled with the lack of money for many years.

The most important thing to me was a home of my own and the perfect house would be a two-story Victorian with a wrap-around porch. And I could fix it up, that would be alright. But I really would need the money to to do that. I mean, it wouldn't be very nice to give me a run down house and then no money to fix it up! So I said: "Alright, we'll see, but I reserve the right to terminate my life if I don't get to have happiness!"

A year and a half ago it occurred to me to begin the process of reinventing myself. I was not happy at my job and my house was too small. I was suffocating at my job and at home. I had an idea of where else I wanted to live and set out to see what I could find. I immediately found a two-story victorian with a wrap-around porch that was in need of repair. I bought this house outright. (It occurred to me later that my request had been granted. Thank you again) Now I need the money from the sale of the Seattle house to fix the Victorian.

I feel foolish even asking, because you have always been there for me, always.

But I would still like to ask the question:

will I get the money in the nick of time or will I have to face financial disaster?

Thank you for everything,

Answer from God through Brian:

"You are already on your path to happiness and I am proud of you for finding it. As for your finances, you will be fine. You have already set your intentions and I am filling in the rest. Keep moving forward, I have some big plans in store for you *smiles*.

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