Friday, February 1, 2008

Anonymous said...

ever sence i was a little kid, people have told me i am special, i have vivid and lucid dreams often about places i havent been before but do go to sometime after the dream, i also dream about god, the devil and aliens. my deja vu "flash backs" last for over 10 minutes at times. I can sometimes tell when i am bout to get a text off of my phone, in fact as i typed that my phone rang from a text. there are also a lot of other things that i cant explain but they happen. as i said before, ever sence i was a kid, people, even people i've known for only minutes feel compelled to say theres something different about me. can you explain what that is if anything? thank you very much, ive been waiting my whole life to have this awnsered.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Before you were even born you possessed strong psychic intuition and unlike many people who have these gifts you did not allow them to disappear over time and you haven't tried to hide them. These gifts will continue to grow and if you would like to better understand them and help yourself and others with these gifts you should begin to meditate."

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