Saturday, February 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

I believe it is for me in this life to be a healer. What I am unsure about is the form this will take. The traditional healing forms do not seem to fit. I feel strongly the need to provide this healing to soldiers but I worry that they would not be open to anything other than traditional methods of healing. How do I truly know if I have a gift for healing and what is the best way to offer it to those who need and want it.


Answer from God through Brian:

"I would like you to work with wounded soldiers in the future, however there are still things that you have to learn before that will become reality. I would like you to find some Reiki groups near you and I will show you which one will best fit you. Do not worry about others accepting your work, for you are healing the planet. When you are able to carry that energy with you everywhere you go, you will have no problems."

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