Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carol said...

Dear Lord,
My life has had many twists and turns as you know. Thank you for all the blessings you have givin
me and my loved ones. I would like
to Know if Butch and I will continue to be happy and satisfied in our live together. If I might add one more question, How does one meditate?
You continue to have my love and devotion.

Answer from God through David:

"You and Butch will be happy together. I see no future actions that either of you will make that will change this. To meditate, all you need to do is sit down, preferably in a quiet area, with your feet on the floor to stay grounded. Then, begin chanting a quiet "om." This sound can be found on Brian's meditation. In doing this, imagine yourself being filled and surrounded by light, and you will feel lighter and you will find yourself feeling warmer. It is a simple act, that if done on a regular basis, will improve your life exponentially."

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