Monday, February 4, 2008

gunny said...

I thought I had a wonderful spiritual relationship with Susan. I started going to her church with her and felt God's love for the first time. I worked hard at making my peace with God and addressing my issues which had caused me to fail in relationships. I believed Susan and i woould celebrate God and each other for the rest of our lives. One day she decided she didn't love me anymore and no longer wanted to ever speak to me again. She has also said that if I continue to attend the church, she will find another one. I don't understand what happened. I opened my heart to her as I have never done before. As a result I've gone through more pain than I've ever known. God did you bring her into my life so that I could reunite with you? Should I continue to hope that she will find a way to deal with some of her past baggage and that she and I can again be together and hold hands in church?

Answer from God through Brian:

"I did you bring you together and there still is time for Susan to come back to you. You are soul mates and together you have great potential to heal the planet. She made the decision to end the relationship with her own free will and I will not interfere with that decision. If you would like to reopen this relationship you should meditate and focus on sending Susan all the love energy you can. This will help heal her wounds from the past and also help her remember what she gave up when she left you."

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