Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Janes Quad said...

Why did Tommy (my son) get cancer? Will the chemicals he endured with his chemo have any negative or with holding side effects on him later in life? Please know I am sorry for being mad and feeling negaitve towards you. I do believe and trust in you and feel that you have given me many gifts in life, one of which is the gift of healing hands. Please guide me and know I will work with you to heal others.

Answer from God through Brian:

"There are many people who have been affected due to Tommy's cancer and I have used this situation as the conduit to open their eyes. I am sorry for the worry and strain this has put you through, however you have and will continue to learn so much from this experience. Tommy will not have any negative side effects from his treatment and I will be with him throughout his life to help him stay on his path. As for the gifts that I have given you, I would like you to continue using them on those close to you to get more experience and I will show you when it is time to take the next step."

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