Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

For many decades now, our mother, mrs [name] had been always running one after aother families, perhaps with the hope they will learn to accept her as their new mother?, and new beautiful old looking wife(to the man, to the kids of those men families), while completely ignoring us (her own biological children)

Its obviously she felt ashamed of us kids since that day she divorced our not so caring own father (she is no difference than him anyway as we suffered and learnt of the cold hard truth over the years)

All and all, one after another, the stranger families our mother had hope to become a part of their families: their new step mother, and the new wife, had instead used her over and over, until recent years, when they completely had used her up, and she is no longer of good use to them anymore, they kicked her to the curb, as the step kids coldheartedly searching for their fathers new young brides from Asia overseas mail order brides, and completely ignored our mother cries to be with them, even if they teated her worse than a pet dog.

Over the years, we have watched and wept in silence as our father, and mother parted, then our final hope of our remaining parent had diminished: our mother ran after some other strangers men and their own families, tried to do everything to please them, to hope to buy their attention, their acceptance one day, and to us, she completely ignored, and if anyone else happened to mention about us, she just simply talked about her new step kids of the step families very proudly she even thought she was their real mother somehow, even though she did not even relate or had anything to do with bearing them at all.

We are now comletely grown and did not feel we have or need our parents to survive all these harsh years we were growing up (we did not have them when we were growing up to begin with anyway)

Sometimes, our so-called mother would try to play mother almighty to us, when she got rejected, kicked in the rear by the other families kids, she would tried to use her mother power to maniplulate us, to get what she need and what she wants out of us.

Especially recently she used us to get to our long gone biological father. We thought she had changed and learnt to forgive, that was what she wanted us to see, so she was able to convinced us to persuade, and lured our father unknowingly, to come back to her. Thinking now she has probably grown older with age and maturity, and truly wanted to be back with our father, we blindly spent times calling and talking with our father, convinced him to come back to our mother.

Big mistakes, not long after our father came to see her, she began to manipulated us, especially our father, and began to make our father miserable. She bagan by reminding how good the men had make her feel and that our father was nothing compared with them, then she spent all the nights with the other men she mentioned to our father, leaving him alone at her place. She even went as far as picking on our father old mistakes of the past, and not foregting to tell him more of her history, good times with the men she met after she divorced our father. So basically, she wanted to get back to our father as merely a big revenge, and used us in the process, for her manipulation. She never had feeling for any of us anyway, as we learn the truth through her actions.

We just do not want to be bothered by her anymore, as strange and unbelievable as it sounds she was never a real mother to us at all. We sibblings had learn to be independents, most of the times we felt we were orphans (our biological father had already strated another family when we came to US, and our mother already had plans to become other people's mother long before we were growing up) We tried to love each otther (siblings) and without our parents since they were, and still are out of our lives already.

We hope someday our father and mother realized how they had treated their own kids, how they had ignored, kicked us to the side, when they are near passing their lives. For now, they are too happy chasing after something else, or pretending they are someone else, and completely forgotten their own kids they created together sometime ago as the products of their demonic pleasures and out of responsibilities.

Our only question to you God:

"Why us? Why did our parents treat us this way? What sins have we done as little kids to deserve this kind of family dysfunction? "

Thank you God! Thank you Brian for answering our family question.

Parentless Orphan Kids in Wshington US ~[name]family siblings~.

Answer from God through Brian:

"The treatment that you received was not part of my plan but instead was caused by the free will of your parents. I am sorry that you had to go through this but you have the strength to break this pattern. I would like you to look at the ways in which your parents have treated others within and out of your family and strive to not make the same mistakes. I am with you every second of every day and any time you need my guidance or protection, please ask me for help."

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