Sunday, March 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

I was in a relationship for many years. It was a great relationship and I couldn’t have asked for more. It had come to the time in the relationship where I need to make a lifetime commitment to her, she just won’t wait around for me forever. She has been a big part of my current success. She is graduating from college this year, but I feel as if I’m not ready for that type of commitment and that I’m not ready to go onto this phase in my life. I feel as if I still need to grow up and mature. I believe I lost a part my maturing and growing up years when I went away to graduate school. I’m finally nearing completion of graduate school and I feel that after graduation I will have the opportunity I missed to grow up and mature.

Is this person my soul mate that I’m pushing away so that I can mature?

Answer from God through Brian:

"Yes, this woman is one of your soul mates and the maturing that you are trying to accomplish does not need to happen on your own. She will be able to help you through this phase. You are free to choose to continue this relationship or to let it go however you do have both options. I would like you to meditate with me and try to visualize the situation as if you were to stay together. You need to set your intentions and allow me to work with you."

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