Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
I met my soul mate and fell in love with him, of course; I loved him unconditionally and sacrificed a lot for him (family and friendships). All i wanted was to have his child (whether or not i raised it on my own or if he would be there with me to do it)...What happened? Why did he suddenly leave me? I don't understand :( I also dont' understand how i'm facing so many health issues due to this breakup. How can you give me this many challenges all at once. I lost my job and I'm very scared and I feel alone. Pls. God, I've asked you many times to take the pain away from me and the suffering because i can't handle it anymore. Am I wrong in always askign you to take me away from this crazy life. It's not life anymore....Can I not be with you yet?

Answer from God through Brian:

"Some of the struggles you are going through have been planned and while you are going through them it may be difficult to believe that they will help you but you need to trust. I am sorry your relationship ended the way that it did. That was not in my plan. You were brought together to experience this awesome love however he used his free will to alter both of your paths. When you feel that you are ready for another perfect relationship, please let me know and I will bring him to you. Until then, work on being content by yourself and healing your energy so that you are fully prepared for the next relationship."

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